FOTSUN has the standard No d&*khead policy - people not respecting one another or staff, crew or contractors, acting aggressive, not complying with crew / staff / security requests, will be kicked out no doubts about it pew pew!

2017 Terms and Conditions - Please Read Carefully

  • Festival Of The Sun is strictly an Over 18’s BYO event with the unique additional of 1 child under 12 free per adult ticket

*Parents / Please see end of these terms for specifics on bringing children into FOTSUN

ID will be checked upon entry and must be held at all times during the festival

CAMPGROUND GUESTS and Expected Behaviour

Strictly no Wednesday arrivals for ticket holders sorry! If you have a bigger group and would like to be allocate a space we can assist

FOTSUN arrivals strictly from Thursday 7th Dec 2pm only

  • ARRIVAL - Respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, please no drinking in pedestrian or vehicle queue as this will result in you being displaced from the queue to wait and or possibly banned from entry - be patient we run our gates smoothly and quickly so it won’t be long until your kicking back!
  • SUNDAY DEPARTURE (AFTER 9am) - FOTSUN Crew maintain the right to restrict car and pedestrian movements before 9am and from any specific campsites until such areas that the customer is camped in is cleaned to a reasonable and respectful level and bulky items have been removed and any personal belongings such as tents, camp chairs, beach toys etc have been removed. PLEASE LEAVE NO TRACE
  • Any bulk “at risk of being dumped” items (lounges/ping pong tables that staff feel risked being dumped at the end of the festival will attract a refundable bond of $100 to cover bulky bin costs) (note we provide plenty of garbage bags and bins)
    •    Marquee and Gazebo camping set ups are prohibited unless authorised by camp ground supervisors prior to set up - Note - for space requirements we would say that we can provide 1 gazebo space per 12 ticket holders / 4 cars
  • Camping site allocations are provided on arrival. Email us if you are a regular group and we can attempt to assist with reserving space for you.
  • Vehicle Lock in is in place from arrival until Sunday 9am 10th of December 2017.
  • Managers maintain the right to enter any site or accommodation to check on the safety of a guest or to check on suspected property damage
    •    Do not park in surrounding streets of the property as the Rangers will be on full patrol. Free Overnight parking is allowed in some areas Port Macquarie and customers can be assisted in sourcing these locations if required.
  • Arrival is from 2PM for Thursday 3 Night GA tickets and 9am for Friday 2 Night Tickets
    •    All Vehicles, bags and persons entering the Festival are subject to search by Security and Staff of Fotsun and the caravan park at any time. Vehicles must be registered with details shared with caravan park management.
    •    Owing to restricted space YOU MUST HAVE A CAR PASS to bring any vehicle into Festival of the Sun 2017 - You MUST buy this online prior to arrival
    •    No Thursday camping passes will be available on the gate
    •    Animals are not permitted on the camping or event grounds.
    •    Open fires and the use of fireworks are STRICTLY BANNED
  • Anyone caught with Fireworks will face heavy fines on bringing in illegal hazardous and explosive materials. Note these fines may affect certain tradespersons licenses and other work licenses and working abroad visas so please don’t do it
  • DO NOT CLIMB OVER / CRAWL UNDER OR BREAK OPEN OUR FENCES - “We will cut off your wristband on the spot if you are caught doing so”
    •   AGAIN - STRICTLY NO  FIREWORKS, gas appliances (free BBQs are located around the park) NO beer bongs, drugs including synthetic drugs (save your brain) no items that could be used weapons (including sharp kitchen utensils), pets, laser lights. Discovery of any such item will result in eviction and possible prosecution


Most festival incidents of theft / aggression and vibe disrespect generally comes from trespassers and we wont tolerate anyone seen to be accompanying or supporting a non ticket holding freeloading trespasser. By doing so you will most likely be evicted along with this person - trespassers are issued $550 fines with onsite police - rewards for reporting trespassers will be offered so report them and support what FOTSUN is all about.


  • Strictly No Drinking onsite until you have been wrist banded - offenders will be asked to leave
  • Please respect the unique BYO privilege as intoxication will not be tolerated and could result in denial from the entertainment area and possibly eviction from entire festival site until such time it is deemed suitable for you to return.
    •    All confiscated alcohol will not be returned to the patron at any point.
    •    No unreasonable amounts of alcohol per camping site as per any normal camping trip for a family orientated environment. All confiscated alcohol will not be returned to the patron at any point.
  • Aggressive and/or intoxicated behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in eviction
  • WE ARE BYO (NO GLASS, NO PLASTIC ALCOHOL POP BOTTLES, no mini kegs / max 1 case of standard alcohol per person on arrival into campground)
  • No Plastic twist top Bottled alcohol / No canned alcohol over 7% (including Ginger Beer alcopop style drinks)
  • Fotsun staff maintain the right to ban any items that are not currently listed, that they feel may bring a risk of safety and/or vibe to this festival.
  • Obey our “No Alcohol Precincts” - this includes major thoroughfares - entry and exit areas as well as outside areas of the festival

In the Entertainment area (where the food trucks and stage are)

  • Behaviour that puts others at risk and discomfort such as wrestling, Stage diving, crowd surfing & moshing are strictly prohibited and you will be removed from FOTSUN entirely
  • Anyone removed from the entertainment area will also be removed ENTIRELY from the whole FOTSUN site until at such time we feel it's suitable that you re enter (most likely to pack up and go home)
  • Throwing items (such as cans) in the entertainment area will result in immediate eviction from the festival and you may be charged
    •    ONLY Cans and cups are permitted in the entertainments area. No self mixed plastic bottles of alcohol in any containers of any form (eg 600ml or 2 litre coke bottles with spirits in it) No Kegs or mini tapped kegs allowed anywhere onsite in the camping or entertainment area - Not plastic bottled drinks (free water inside)
  • 8pm is cut off for last drinks into the entertainment area - up until this time you can still bring 2 drinks in per person.

Ticket Related Terms and Conditions

  • No refund, exchange or replacement of tickets after purchase.
  • Upon entry Tickets must be presented with the matching name to your ID plus contact number and signature clearly written in the provide section on arrival - this ensures all guests are registered under council law
    •    Tickets are non-transferable and non-exchangeable email us for re sales - tickets CANNOT be sold on any other location other than via FOTSUN HQ
  • All bags / containers will be subject to a full search
    •    The right is reserved to add, withdraw or substitute artists
    •    The right of admission is reserved
  • Managers maintain the right to enter any site or accommodation to check on the safety of a guest or to check on suspected property damage
  • The right to remove free camping is reserved
  • The right to move festival venue is reserved
    •    Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband on entry to the festival site. This wristband cannot be removed and given to another person.
    •    If you lose, remove or break your wristband, you will be unable to re enter the festival, there will also be no tickets available at the gate so take care!
    •    Entry is at own risk. Festival of the Sun & Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park do not accept responsibility for any injuries, losses or damage sustained in or around the venue.
    •    Festival of the Sun maintains the right to cancel tickets purchased of any persons whom the company deem not suitable for this event.
    •    The event will run in the event of bad weather and maintain the right to cancel any acts to wait out periods of severe weather that may affect the safety of patrons, crew and artists. The organisation do reserve the right to reschedule the event and change locations.

    UNDER 18’s Terms and Conditions

Children Under 12
•    1 child under 12 years old per adult ticket is permitted free of charge but they MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times - note if you need authorisation for additional children please email simon@fotsun.com
•    Parents and guardians will be responsible for their own behaviour and their children’s behaviour during the festival
Sorry no one allowed between 13yrs and 18 years of age
•    Festival Of The Sun is strictly an over 18’s event. ID will be checked upon entry and anytime during the festival. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted into the festival grounds.
•    Anyone found inside the festival who is under 18 will be evicted and will face possible prosecution
•    Persons found assisting an under 18 with trespass entry will be evicted immediately and reported to police
•    In the event that a person under 18 has purchased a ticket and arrived at the festival, there will be absolutely no access granted and we will not be issuing a refund as it is clearly stated when purchasing the ticket.